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Our Purpose is to Help you Connect with the Ocean and be Inspired by its Beauty

Go Whale Watching Sydney is owned by Simon and Jessica Millar. We are a family owned and operated business. We are both passionate about whales, dolphins and the ocean.

We believe in responsible and respectful whale watching practices. As a smaller company we have a strong focus upon customer service from the point of booking to the time we say goodbye after your tour.

Simon has been driving whale watching boats in Sydney since 2004. Whale watching is his passion and he loves being out on the ocean. He has a well developed ability to find, track and interpret whale behaviour.

Our crew adhere to whale watching industry best practice guidelines and because we watch whales and dolphins year round we have gained a very good understanding of these animals.  Our boat is purpose built to ensure maximum viewing capability and your safety at all times.

We are committed to ensuring that our time spent with the whales does not negatively impact them and provides you with a positive and meaningful experience.

Simon and Jessica travel the world on whale adventures so they can bring you the best possible experience. See the video below of their recent family trip to Tonga – Eye to Eye with Whales!

Go Whale Watching Company Values


We love the changing and unpredictable moods of the ocean. 

The ocean is wet, it can be windy, it is always wonderful!


We believe the ocean is the source of all life and demands our respect. 

We believe that if we respect ourselves and one another the world can be a better place. 


We are grateful that we get to spend our days on the ocean. We are thankful that there is an ever increasing number of people committed to protecting the health of our oceans. 

Ocean Conservation and Education

We believe Education brings understanding – Understanding brings appreciation – Appreciation brings Change…..


We protect what we love. 

Our hope is that by helping people to connect with the ocean, they will grow to love and help protect it.

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